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Weight loss
Do you feel like you have done all the right things in the past?

Do you eat healthy, get movement but still can’t seem to lose weight?


Weight loss is NOT a math problem


It is not about calories going in and calories going out


Weight loss IS about a MICROBIOME SIGNALING problem


It is about CORTISOL signaling

It is about HUNGER signaling

It is about BLOOD SUGAR signaling

It is about FAT RELEASE signaling


Is your body signaling to store fat or to release fat?


I want to reset the circadian rhythm of your microbiome. 


I want you to feel energetic in the day and relaxed at night

I want you to get a good night's sleep

I want you to have your appetite in control

I want your motivation to be high. 


When you reset all the signaling at the level of the microbiome it affects your mental performance and your physical performance. 


Signaling is related to 


Adrenal glands

Blood sugar and insulin

Gut signals like short chain fatty acids and appetite hormones


When you 

Work with your microbiome signaling

Get 8 hours of sleep

Get 20 minutes of movement everyday

Eat healthy and at the right time


This is when you can lose pounds, inches and body fat.

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