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About BioMagnetic Therapy

BioMagnetic Pair Therapy (BMP) was developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, M.D., in 1988. This revolutionary and scientific therapy is a noninvasive and cost effective way to bring balance to your body.  

The therapy involves using magnets of a 1000-10,000 gauss. A magnet is used to find any altered energy points on the body. Once a point has been found the other magnet is applied to complete the pair. The pair is created when there are specific areas where there is a positive/acidic and negative/alkaline area in the body. The BMPs are placed on your body for 20 minutes. This enables your body to balance the pH and stimulate a natural healing process.

This therapy is different from traditional medicine,  homeopathy, herbs and naturopathy but it can be used in combination with any of these. Microbioenergetics is another therapy by Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios, M.D.  I have taken Microbioenergetics 2 and Microbioenergetics with Children.

How It Works

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy works by placing magnets of opposing polarity on the body to correct pH imbalances. When the body is out of balance it is unable to function adequately. These imbalances are a driving force behind many chronic

illnesses. So, by correcting the imbalances by using magnets the cells, organs and systems are able to function optimally to restore optimal health, vitality and wellbeing.

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Ann Sinclair | Therapist

Meet Ann

Ann Sinclair has a B.S. in Elementary Education with a math major. Ann has always been passionate about teaching, learning and helping others achieve goals.  When she was introduced to Biomagnetism in 2015 she knew she wanted to study this therapy and help others with health issues. Ann is a compassionate therapist with a dedication to helping others with this effective natural therapy. She works with both children and adults. She is certified in Biomagnetism with Dr. Goiz , certified in MicrobioEnergetics  Level 1, 2 and children with Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios, certified in 7 Layers of the Heart-Mora Technique with Esther Mora and a Certified Mental Wellness Coach with understanding how we eat, our movement, sleep, our gut-brain axis and using holistic products to help with our mental wellness. 

Disclaimer: Biomagnetism Therapists are not medical doctors nor do they make medical diagnosis or provide medical advice or care. Clients should see a Medical Doctor for follow-up care, and should view BioMagnetism Therapy care as additional therapy to the medical care provided by a medical doctor. Biomagnetism Therapy is not a substitute for Physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment. 

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