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I have been dealing with a chronic illness for the past seven years of my life. I have done various treatments that have improved my health drastically. Although I was feeling much better it seemed like there was still a piece of my health puzzle that was missing. A friend of mine told me about Ann and what she does. Through prior research, I had some understanding and was intrigued about how our subconscious emotions can have an effect on our physical body, yet a bit skeptical. After my first visit with Ann, I saw a drastic change. Within a short time, Ann has helped me fill in the missing puzzle pieces to my health picture. The only questions I have is: How much faster would I have improved if I had seen Ann first.

My son through guardianship moved in permanently when he was 10. He had fits of anger and self-hate, restlessness, frustration. I took him to Ann Sinclair for several sessions.  Each time I could see him clam down better, communication was better, he was much less angry. Ann sure knew what he needed with no coaching or info from me.  She even knew times and events in his life that I confirmed were right on!! What a blessing to have this available for healing as he didn't even know what he needed.  Prior counseling did nothing to help him. My son kept much of his emotional issues in his body. I know he has been relieved of much of it. I will absolutely continue to take him to see Ann as needed.  What a terrific recourse this is.

Ann Sinclair is a compassionate and skillful Biomagnetism practitioner, with additional training in emotional energy techniques which dovetail to treat the whole person.  I have Lyme Disease Valley Fever and EbV and have been significantly helped to better health.  I would highly recommend Ann to anyone who needs assistance with physical or emotional issues.  Grace. R.N., M.A. 

If you have issues with sleep, hormonal ups and downs, depression or pain, you really need to try Biomag Balance. Its nothing you've ever done and the results are amazing. 

After suffering with Lyme Disease for over 25 years, I’ve been through many remissions and many relapses. The latest relapse was complex and frightening, and brought me to my wits end. Two pneumonias, bartonella, babesia, along with many other complex coinfections left me struggling to keep my ability to walk, talk, eat, breath, and sleep. Antibiotics, herbs, other IV therapies, and many other treatments were not working well, or at all. I was in enormous pain and distress. My immune system had been hammered and it had given up. I had heard over the last several years that biomagnetic pair therapy had been successful for different people - friends of friends, but didn’t take it seriously. Then, one day, I saw a post in a Lyme support group of a woman who had gone back to the hill where she had been bitten, and was in complete remission because of biomagnetic pair therapy. Something clicked, so I searched for a practitioner, and found Ann, right down the street. Biomagnetic pair therapy has been one of the most interesting, and successful treatments I have ever done. It repolarizes the immune system, which Lyme can “turn off," and also heals deep energetic wounds. The immune system is very emotional and tightly linked to our energetic body, which needs to be healthy, too, so it can protect the physical body. If you are open to thinking completely differently about your health, Ann is one of the most grounded, compassionate, and thorough practitioners you will ever meet. She loves her work and she does it very well. I am so grateful to Ann for the hard work she has put into learning this complex technique, and for the healing she has brought to me. I am walking and breathing now, with confidence. I am getting my life back. 


I would like to thank you for your Biomagnetism Therapy. It has cured my HPV I had on my feet for over 15 years!!!! I went to see so many dermatologist they gave me so many creams, ointments and tried different treatments and nothing works until I had my very first session with you. After 1 week they were gone!!!

Every time I visit you and have a Biomagnetism session I felt amazing. 

I am very happy and grateful I found you in Michigan.

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