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  • Ann Sinclair

Stress and effects on the body

Stress can affect our

  • breathing

  • stomachache

  • high blood sugar

  • insomnia

  • weaken your immune system

  • skin

  • muscles tighten up

  • headaches

  • fertility problems

  • Missed periods

Long term stress can

  • alter our microbiome

  • create migraines

  • Acne or hair loss

  • Increase your risk of diabetes

  • weight gain

  • loss of concentration

  • high blood pressure

  • anxiety

  • depression

There are things we can do to lower our stress. We can eat healthy, practice mindfulness and meditation, get 8 hours of sleep, get in some type of movement each day (walking, yoga, cardio, weights, playing with kids, running).

All of these are wonderful for reducing stress!

If you feel that you are doing these things trying biomagnetism or mental wellness supplements would be a great option.

In biomagnetism we can work with your adrenals, calming points and finding any imbalances that are in your body. We apply paired magnets on these areas so that your body can start to work at healing itself.

Mental Wellness Supplements are a great way to reduce stress. The gut-brain connection to mental wellness is important to understand. When our gut is imbalanced it is sending messages to our brain that we are anxious, tired, sad, can't focus or in pain. Even if you eat healthy you can have an imbalanced gut.

Here is a short video on the gut-brain axis.

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